Thursday, 1 January 2009

Tattoo You


The only thing I remember about that gig in Wales was the almighty cock up you made with the arrangements – the band were told that it was to be a charity gig for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and it turned out to be an anniversary celebration for the World Wrestling Federation – how wrong can you get? I just remember a load of tattooed muscle men and women of dubious sexual orientation body-slamming, forearm-smashing and sleeper-holding various unsuspecting band members and hangers-on. It was a nightmare - and we never got paid. Unless you count the tattoo of a rhino that the promoter did on Brenda’s arse.

I am not as enamoured as you obviously are by the fact that we are in contact again – much less at the prospect that we will have to enter into communication with the others if we have to re-record the song. So – I’ve talked to Al Kleinstein about the tapes and he agrees we should find them as soon as we can. He’s discovered that Phil – the producer (ha!) – is out on bail awaiting re-trial and currently putting together an album of prison rap songs entitled If You Can't Take The Rap - Don't Do The Crap – sounds like an undistinguished failure to me. Al has “connections” in the Harlem Parole Department and they’re seeing what they can do to persuade Phil to hand them over. Al also agreed with me that just because you had the initial idea for Pink Dog it doesn’t give you any rights over its composition. Maybe if the champagne people do use it – you could have a one-off payment or something.

And anyway – if they’ve got a copy of the single, why do we need the master tape? They could get session musicians to record it for the ad. It will be an improvement!

Must go, I’ve something more important to do than all this idle gossip. I have to make a coffee.

Yours in music and royalties

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C.J.Duffy said...

A Tatoo of A Rhino on a girls arse?
Hmmm, one wonders where the horn went?

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