Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Slighter Taste of Stale

Wot Ho Peasants!

'Tis I, Bonzo.

Sorry to barge into your electronic discourse but I recently received Derek's letter re: the get together reunion thingy and I have to say that I am up for it!

A bit busy at the mo though.

Do you remember Maybelline Harpie? Used to hang around at our gigs? Made a noise like a train shunting through a tunnel at the point of orgasm? Well, we shacked up together back in '87. Bought a small holding in Ongar where we farm a bit of this and that. She is into chickens. Not in a sordid sense but more for the eggs. She sells them, the eggs that is and not the chickens and even gives them daft names like Sam and Ella, Edwina and Major.

Reading the letter from Derek has really wetted my appetite. Even got the old bass out and smacked a few strings. Still makes that low down belly-bursting rumble of a sound. The bloke across the way mistook the sound for that of a storm approaching and shooed all his livestock into the barn. Silly old fart even locked his missus in with his prize bull. She looked well happy the following morning even if she did have a bit of a limp.

As for 'Pink Dog'. I hope you chaps haven't forgotten who composed the bass line for that song? Without that rock-steady bass the song would have had no glue and my solo is probably the most memorable thing about it. I'd be more than interested in any royalties. I mean, if it is good enough for that bloke out of Procol Harum then it’s good enough for me.

Yours in faith, hope and claret,


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