Tuesday, 13 January 2009

In the Mood

Dear Derek,

I am sorry if my missives have sounded somewhat reluctant but given our chequered relationship over the years (remember the misunderstandings over Frankie and Nigel - these purely platonic enthusiasms and male bondings are the fabric of life - I am still scarred by the way you and the others interpreted things - and as for Frankie - well...).

However, I am prepared to let some of this water gush under the bridge and to try to find a modus operandi for us two if it is going to bring in some wonga. My main concern is your enthusiasm to involve the others - is this really necessary? There is a lot of history between us all that might best be left buried (along with some of our dodgier songs). I am thinking particularly of the unnecessary kerfuffle over the Bonzo and Maybelline debacle which seemed to get particularly nasty at one point. Bonzo was an extremely unpredictable - and at times unreasonable chap and often downright rude - talk about musical differences!

By the way, the new manager we got after Frankie proved so useless at organising things was Andrew Oldham-Philips - you remember, that rather camp guy who owned a record shop in the High Street - I rather liked him. I heard that he was running an interior design business in Tottenham called Mood Oldham or something like that. Hope that helps and we can forge ahead without too much unpleasantness.

Charles Palmer-White

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