Friday, 28 November 2008

Get Off Of My Cloud!!!

I assume it is one of my songs that they are interested in? They were the ones with the memorable hooks. If so please put them in touch with my lawyer, Al Kleinstein. He's still at the Blind Beggar along the Old Kent Road.

Which song is it that they are interested in anyway? And who has got the master tapes? Or is this just a ruse to get the band together to re-record in order to satisfy your seemingly insatiable desire to keep re-visiting the past. I still have the emotional scars from some of the seedier incidents from the band's past. Who can forget the harmonica in the fishtank incident, my cassette player that you threw from the B&B window, the post-gig party (ha!) at the Alhambra Curry Bistro, the map-reading fiasco, the "misunderstanding" regarding the backing singers, the "Butler" incident, Nick and the train set... I could go on.

Not enough dirty water has passed under the bridge yet but I will keep my options open regarding this understandable interest in my song.


Friday, 21 November 2008

It's Only Rock and Roll but I'm quite fond of it.

Okay Chas, I'll try and remember to call you Charles in future.

If you don't want to do this blog that's fine. I only started it really because I got a letter from someone who worked in Taylor Rice, you know the agancy who used to get us work, saying that some advertising company wanted to use one of our songs for a commercial. But I guess if your not interested about the band any more I'll just tell them no.

It was nice talking to you anyway.

Yours in music


Friday, 14 November 2008

Hello Goodbye

I am trying to explain as insensitively as I can that I have no wish to participate in this blog nor indeed meet up with any former members of the band! As for Nigel - I will not go into what part of his body I would like to damage, but it is not his wrist. Good luck with the GCSE Maths - but (although it would seem to be a prerequisite as a drummer) counting was far from being one of your strong points.

Charles (not "Chas" - if you don't mind!)

Friday, 7 November 2008

Those Were The Days

Hi Chas

I knew you'd be up for it. It's exciting isn't it, doing a blog together. Just like the old days. I see that you are still good with words and I detected a couple of Beatle references in your reply. By the way, I'm not a paperback writer - I'm a teaching assistant now. When I pass my maths GCSE I'll be able to enrol on a proper teaching course and hopefully become a teacher.

I wonder what happened to Nigel. Do you remember that gig in Swansea when he fell off the stage and broke his wrist?

Happy days, eh?

Yours in music


Saturday, 1 November 2008

From Me To You


Unfortunately I got your email and had a look at the blog. All I can say is help! We've been down this long and winding road regarding reunions before, why can't you just quietly continue your profession as a paperback writer and let it be. You know my feelings about revisiting those days and there are just too many unresolved issues : Pam, Eleanor, Madonna, Lucy to name but a few. You always said we can work it out and get back to those heady days of yesterday, I don't think we can come together just like that.

I am very pleased to hear that you have given up the drums, as I advised as soon as we met, but I am dismayed that you are considering any other musical instrument - what about DIY or car mechanics as a hobby instead - the world would be a better place and your mistakes would only impact upon you. I have heard nothing from the rest of the band and hope it stays like that.

You would have to hold a revolver to my head to make me participate in this so please, please me and let it drop. Don't let me down.