Monday, 27 April 2009

Let It Be

Well, that’s it. I’ve had enough. I’ve waited over a month and no one’s even been bothered, not even had the courtesy to email me, or blog or anything to say sorry.
Or recompense me for the money I had to shell out to Lug. Ten pounds - not to mention a round of drinks for Lug and all his regulars. And I had to buy that as they were a particularly mean looking crew. Especially the guy with the thick arms and tattoos of the devil up both arms and round his neck.
So there I was. Sitting at my drums, which I had to carry unaided up two bloody flights of stairs with a nasty bend halfway up, and I’ve got a bad back. All on my own. A drummer sitting all on his own – can’t be many things sadder than that. Except maybe a band without a drummer! Then I had to carry them all down again. And my van got a bloody parking ticket!
Needless to say we’ve missed the deadline for the commercial. No money there, then. And that could have been a good little earner. So I guess this is the end of the line. I should have let sleeping reprobates lie, let things be.
Anyway. That’s it! No point getting together now is there? I’m out. Goodbye.