Saturday, 7 February 2009

So Sad About Us

Brilliant!!! Fan-bloody-tastic! Just bleeding great! As soon as we all finally get in contact again Bonzo is once more out of his head. You never learn do you, Bonzo? How long was that bass solo after you took that acid? Six hours? We were booed off. We’d packed away the gear and you were still going strong. And we might even had got away with it if you hadn’t stopped half way through to take all your clothes off “to be as one with the cosmic vibrations.” Then there was the time you found those red tablets in the loo at the BBC studios just before The Old Grey Whistle Test. What were they? Amphetamines? The bass part isn’t supposed to be played five times faster than everything else. We’d hardly started the song before you’d finished it. And shouting out “I win!” like that… No wonder they never broadcast it. I give up.

I was planning a get together at a mate’s studio in King’s Cross – to go through a few songs. Mainly rehearse Pink Dog. I know you're not sure about it, Charles, but the agency that has the champagne company’s account is hassling me. If we don’t sign on the line by the end of the month they’re going to use a different song to promote it.

But frankly, after Bonzo’s outburst, even though they're talking a lot of money, I wonder if it’s worth it.

Yours in music


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