Monday, 4 May 2009

Get it on

Wot Ho again chaps!

Sorry to have been so long recuperating but the bones are all on the mend and the libido is back to its block busting best. Blimey, I could roger a primate rigid! Or is that I could rigid a Roger primate? Whatever, I am back, fighting fit and in fine fettle and that's enough F's to start an alliteration class.

Sorry to see that Derek is slightly miffed; understandable under the circumstances though and I for one would be more than willing to compensate the old duffer by paying for his parking ticket if that helps. My missus has the odd bob or two (and doesn't mind if I have the odd Doris or three wink, wink, now and again) so I think we can rustle up the dosh.

I can certainly attend a band get together either next week or the following one but will not be able to leave the farm the week after that as I have to inseminate a cow. (Well, it has been ruddy weeks and poor old Maybelline is gagging for it!!). Also, I have a farm fare to attend, all about what is the best way to fertilise a field. Should come round my house after I have had a chicken korma they'd soon find out.

Anyway, if a little wonga will help to oil old Derek's waters then I'll be glad to oblige. The bass is raring to be played and I am the man to play it so give us a call if you have half a mind to or are still interested in bashing out that old song of ours.

Yours in tripe, ketchup and odd stains,



wastedpapiers said...

You know you can get some nice ambient sounds from a tripe stretched over a tea chest or a barrel. Mike Harding used to play a trip banjo back in the old days. It used to smell a bit but the sound was very unique.

wastedpapiers said...

That should have been "tripe banjo" ofcourse - a trip banjo is a different kettle of bananas.

Shelly Smith said...
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