Monday, 9 March 2009

Build me up Buttercup

Hello chaps!

Sorry about the mix up witht the ketamine.

Understand ppperfectly how you both must have feltt. Old Bonzo's at it again. Not so my merry mates, not so but my dear old missesss has explained my stupid cock up to you already.

Have to say that it is a bit difficult to writte at the mo as I have my busted leg in plaster and the poor old stump iis hoisted up on high to prevent clotting. Not me you understand as I became fully 'clotted' years ago!!

My ribs are ssoore and wasn't helped much when this large nurse waddled in the other morning with an armful of bed linen. Apparently she had come in to change my bed, didn't see thee old bottle that I had recently filled that was laying on the floor and went arssee over ttip and fell onto my ribs. If they weren't sore before they sure as hell are now. She was a big lump of a girl to.

'Cor! Not 'alf.

Good to see ' organ morgan' back in the frayy. As soon as I am able to get out of bed I am up for the get togetther.

If in the meantime any of yyoou blokes have got a long wooden spoon that you can spare, please send it to me as my leg is itching like crazy!

Yours in blood, booze and bandages.


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